The main tools Eva is working with are:

human specific performing art (click here)

improvisation (scroll down)


bharatanatyam (click here)





„Impro collective“ is a technic of free physical group improvisation developed by Jean-Pierre Dupuy. Dupuy has been Eva‘s teacher since 1998. „Impro collective“ is based on the thought, that everybody is more or less doing theatre, full-fills more or less one or several roles, is wearing one or several masks. This human ability/tendency to „act“ – this „persona“ ( from latin persona: theatrical mask, one of the elements building up the personality) –  is given space through a free group improvisations of long duration. „Impro collective“ is a playground for the subconsciousness.

In her own approach to „Impro collective“, Eva is much influenced by the teaching of Bettina Mainz, with whom she worked intensively for several years. Mainz‘s work „Body of Becoming“ is associated with the sharing movement and amerta movement practise of Suprapto Suryodarmo. It describes a process of continuous movement of research and understanding, of being and becoming, of knowing and not-knowing. It works with the principle of following – of the parallelity of receptivity and action, of holding and letting go of focus and openness and allows an artistic expression of a high presence. See also the performance „beneath the warmth of a smile“ with Bettina Mainz.

Eva has initiated a Berlin based group in 2008 with Laura Werres. She has been collaborating with the collective artvif, which unites artists who work with „Impro collective“ in Liège (Belgium), Caen (France) and Berlin. Trailer, Photos



„Je ne suis pas un lapin“ 2012 was an improvisation project in the public space. It was a one week research-collaboration with „rekocompagnie“ in september 2011, in Caen/Normandy, France. It was part of Répliques 2012. For more information:

Currently Eva is organising together meet MIMOSA twice a month informal sessions of collective improvisation at Baerwaldstudio, Berlin.