a human specific performance of one-on-one theatre
Egytian-German collobaration by meet MIMOSA and Lamusica Independent Theatre Group
artistic direction: Nora Amin & Eva Isolde Balzer
dramaturgy: André Vollrath
mit: Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Adel Abdel Wahab, Shehab Ibrahin, Adham Elsaied and others….


Looking at you Mother Devi : bharatanatyam
dance, concept, choreography: Eva Isolde Balzer
Music: M.Yogeswaran
Consultant: Rajyashree Ramesh
Video: André Vollrath
Venue: Indian Embassy Berlin


by meet MIMOSA;
Regie: Eva Isolde Balzer und Kollektiv
Performance: André Vollrath, Laura Werres
Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Sharon Dodua Otoo
Textuelle Mitarbeit: Phillip Khabo Köpsell


22.of june 2013 Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin;
concept by Rayjashree Ramesh, co-concepted by Eva Isolde Balzer;
dance: Eva Isolde Balzer;dramaturgy: Dr.Avanthi Meduri;
music: Manickam Yogeswaran, Rayjashree Ramesh, R.N. Pratap, A.Srinivasan, Senthil Paramalingam



HOPE 2011
Performance directed by Maria Stoyanova, Co-directed by Eva Isolde Balzer
credits: edited by Toni Alonso, filmed by Stephane Thaneau



choreographed by Johanna Devi; performed by E.I.Balzer, Giorgia Minisini, Johanna Devi; Music: Oliver Doerell


 DNA by KoME, 2009