Bharata Natyam

I am a dancer of the Classical South-Indian Dance-Theater Bharata Natyam. Bharata Natyam is a precisely shaped and playfully communicating artform that combines abstract dance and story-telling with intricate rhythmical patterns. Grown out of the Temple Traditions of South India, it offers a profoundly developed perspective on the relationship between human body and spiritual sphere and the human capacity to create a sacred space in the here and now. Bharata Natyam has a complex, intriguing and controversially discussed history. It’s multiple threats have guided dancers to read it’s history under the angle of a thousands of years old dance-theatre, of a contemporary global dance-style, of a dance shaped in the 19th century, a Bhakti-Dance, an expropriated or saved dance or a dance given by the gods at time immemorial.


Check my work around Bharata Natyam  here

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