I specialised in intimate, sensorial and autobiographical aspects of human specific performing art.

A focus on physicality and a spiritual dimension are always part of my work and I enjoy the play between free improvisations and stylized forms.  


My work as a performer ranges from the human specific work with Cantabile2, to dance/physical theatre projects with Nora Amin/Egypt, Johanna Devi Dance Company or Rayjashree Ramesh/Bharata Natyam in Berlin, performance projects with Maria Stoyanova and improvisation projects with Bettina Mainz or Jean-Pierre Dupuy.

I specialise in intimate, sensorial and autobiographical aspects and am a performer of Cantabile2‘s human specific work. Cantabile2 is an internationally acclaimed theatre company, based in Vordingborg Denmark. It is directed by Nullo Facchini.

Human-specific performance deals with the universal sensitivity of the human as an emotional being. A human-specific performance relates to its spectators as individuals and not as a mass. Every person buying a ticket is looked at, touched, talked directly to and likewise engaged in personal meetings at different levels with the performers. Visitors of the performance enter alone or in small groups, operate personal choices and give personal responses, experience a visit to the performance space as a sort of a meditative act, fully focused on him/herself and on his/her interaction with the performers. Human-specific performance contains elements that directly challenge senses, often by obstructing other senses: all other senses are immensely sharpened, when you cannot actually see, touch, hear, or verbally respond to questions.
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Mehr über Cantabile2‘s Menschen spezifische Arbeitcantabile2 Menschen spezifisch 

I equally develop work with dance-theatre, physical-theatre and performance. The research on specificity of focus, presence and relationship/interaction with the audience are ever present. My work is ranging from the opposite fields of free collective improvisation to the highly stylised art form of Bharata Natyam. I have trained collective improvisation for several years with Jean-Pierre Dupuy/France and continued the physical research on improvisation with Bettina Mainz/“the body of becoming“ in Berlin.

“Impro Collective“ as developed by Jean-Pierre Dupuy/Normandy, France is a technic that has served for many years as personal training for performers and is now researched as a performance-style. It gives a frame for hour-long free improvisations with groups.

“Impro Collective“ works around the development of trust. To trust oneself and allow to get involved with something or somebody, to accept to work with one‘s own subconsciousness and use it as motor for creation. It is a technic to reach emptiness and openness as a bases for artistic creation.“

The physical improvisation practice “body of becoming“ is the work which Bettina Mainz has developed on the bases of Suprapto Suryadarmos‘ Amerta Movement/Java,Indonesia, practiced in Europe as „sharing movement“.

Body of Becoming is a dance practice that takes place in a studio or out in the nature. Body and movement are not only expression of the self, but also an instrument of perception and communication. They built a language, which can display its reality on the stage of the theatre as well as in the nature and in life. We become what we are. Body of becoming works with the principle of following – a simultaneity of receptivity and action, of holding and letting go, of focus and openness, and opens an artistic expression of great presence.

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