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  • Performer

    I specialised in intimate, sensorial and autobiographical aspects of human specific performing art. A focus on physicality and a spiritual dimension are always part of my work and I enjoy the play between free improvisations and stylized forms.    

  • Director

    The works in which I am involved as a director are mostly collaborations, and collective creations that I have independently co-produced. I am working with site-specific forms and with more classical theatre setups Intimacy, a very personal involvement of the performers, and a strong focus on physicality mark most of my work. I’m specially interested …

  • Bharata Natyam

    I am a dancer of the Classical South-Indian Dance-Theater Bharata Natyam. It is a precisely shaped, yet playfully communicating form that combines abstract dance and story-telling with intricate rhythmical patterns. Bharata Natyam has a complex, intriguing and controversially discussed history. It’s multiple threats have guided dancers to read it’s history under the angle of a thousands …