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Collaborations with Nora Amin


Since 2006 Eva collaborates regularly with the Egyptian theatre-maker/writer Nora Amin, who has been a mentor, colleague and friend. Eva participated in Noras workshops in Europe and Egypt, performed in her productions Cat Dying and My Country and participated in the dance-film „Intersections of Beauty and Fear“. The biographic multimedia solo performance “My Country“ travelled to Denmark, Egypt, Morocco, Albania, Ukraine, India and Spain.

“My country” (premiered in 2008) is a solo show that stands between the biographical material which created it and the metaphoric style that shapes it. It expresses the journey of self-discovery that takes a young German woman from her homeland to other parts of the world in order to find her identity and to connect to the universal elements that nourish her being.The journey of the young woman is as big as life itself, the journey is her own country and she is free to belong wherever she feels home.

“My country” is a poetic piece in words, dance and movement. It is an intercultural dance ritual that expresses this journey and lively re-creates it, but above all it is a fusion of cultural expressions and symbols, a fusion of styles, languages, colours and… Identities.

independent German/Egyptian dance theatre production

Written and performed by Eva Isolde Balzer

Choreographed and directed by Nora Amin

Thanks to support from Goethe Institut Alexandria

and International Theatre Institute Germany










for more information about the work of Nora Amin click here: http://www.noraamin.org



Bernada Albas Haus 

„Bernada Albas Haus“ was produced by the Kurdish Cultural Minstery Erbil/Kurdistan-Irak. It premiered at the International Theatre Festival of Erbil in September 2012. It was performed in Germany in Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, September 2012.

Directed by Ihsan Othman

Choreographed and Coordinated by Johanna Devi

Performed by: Eva Isolde Balzer, Bana Garcia, Tammy Ingram, Sara Mikolai ,Carmen Romero, Teodora Stepancic, Annekatrin Trautmann.


in Kurdish TV:







click here for the titel page of the kurdish magazine:

Adab w Hunar”.


„Beneath the warmth of a smile“ 

The smile – this precious universal gesture of mankind forms the starting point of the performance. Three performers set out to find their way to deal with it: a Geisha in her attempt to protect the goodness of the smile, guided by traditional wisdom and resisting the attacs of emotional change; a poet in her desire to generate deep happiness and fails; a rebel, who struggles to find a position in and for society and in the tempest of life happening destroys the ability to smile.

choreography: Bettina Mainz

performance: Eva Isolde Balzer, Aude Henry, Paula Kramer

supported by: Goethe Institut Cairo, French Cultural Centre Alexandria, Weinmeisterhaus Berlin, Nora Amin

„Beneath the warmth of a smile“ was performed in Cairo and Alexandria in 2007.



















photos My Country© Abdallah Deif
photos Bernada Albas Haus© privat
photos: beneath the warmth of a smile© Mohammed Alaa